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Simple Wines focuses on selected brands and areas within wine, olive oil and other specialties.

Our wines are carefully selected by specialist wine houses, mainly from Europe.

Many of our wines are produced following a combination of history, tradition and hard manual work, deliberately limiting production in favor of quality.


Especially our wines from Sicily in Italy are produced organically, with respect for nature and without negative impact on the environment. The productions are controlled and certified by Bioagricert in Italy. 


Simple Wines is located in Helsingør's old historic station building, centrally located in the beautiful old trading town of Helsingør. With a view of Øresund on one side, and fantastic Kronborg Castle on the other.


Located at the same addressRestaurant Strejf, and associated café, and in the high old cellar you will find Simple Wines.Restaurant Strejfcarries a wide selection of the wines that Simple Wines offers to its customers.


Our wines are reserved for customers within hotels, restaurants, catering and other relevant companies.


How about our selection of absolutely fantastic olive oils, available to both individuals and companies.




Simple Wines consists of 3 men who have a long and faithful love for wines, food and good specialities.



Restaurateur for many years in Helsingør. First Madam Sprunck in Steengade, then for many years Hotel & Restaurant Madam Sprunck in Bramstræde, and today Restaurant Strejf, which is located in the old beautiful station building, which also houses Simple Wines, in the fantastic old cellar under restaurant Strejf. In addition to really nice food, you can also enjoy some of Simple Wine's products in the restaurant.



Is also a familiar face in Helsingør's cityscape. Poul has for many years run the restaurant in Helsingør Golf Club and the Skotterup Inn. Over time, Poul has hosted many parties and has put together menus with wines that go with them.



Also has a past in Helsingør's formerly vibrant nightlife. Many years at Svingelport and New York New York, and started the evening cafe at Rådmand Davids Hus in Strandgade. The place that quickly became a meeting point for the slightly older audience before they had to move on into the city.

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